Felsentherme Jam Session

The Felsentherme Jam Session 2005 took place on 23rd of February in Bad Gastein.The riders and competitors were the best ever and so the whole contest.

The main gig at the After Party was DJ Buzz from the Waxolutionists, who rocked the crowd in the Gatz.



PhotosMister S. going BacksideOur carefully crafted End SectionPhotosJooosh AbsengerPhotosBig Thanks to Scharti for the support the last years! Check www.actionclub-zillertal.atPhotosPhotosPhotosPhotos


At this Jam Session the best 8 Snowboarders and Skiers from the Qualifaction we randomly grouped together and started as a team in the finals. Freestylers of the World unite! Here are the results:

  1. Hubert Fill (Snowboard) / Armin Brucic (Ski)
  2. Herb Thaler / Hannes Richter
  3. Philipp Holleis / Andreas Brucker

There were also some tough girls at the start:

  1. Lisa Wohanka
  2. Conny Bleicher
  3. Julia Baumgartner