9th Gastunian Jam Session

At the Jam Session 2010 an international group of riders from 7 countries competed for the win and a total of 3000 € of prizemoney. For the first time the riders could earn some extra money for some extraordinary tricks. The moderator Jon Weaver rewarded the best tricks with 5 € cash. Despite the bad weather a considerable crowd appeared at the Buchebenwiese Bad Gastein and contributed to an awesome atmosphere at the contest. The relaxed contest day ended at the Zimtstern After Party at Silverbullet Bar and finally the Jam 2010 went smoothly and only leaves one wish for the next Jam Session: better weather!



Lukas EislToni Höllwarth on the RailGeorg HaidLucky Winner: Luca JeromelLuca Schranz over the Monster GapThe Jam ArenaJon Weaver giving away 5 € cash for every extraordinary trickBenni HopfgartnerRaphael Schweiger



  1. Luka Jeromel (SLO)
  2. Petr Horak (CZE)
  3. Luca Schranz (AUT)


  1. Martin Hauck (AUT) 
  2. Raphael Schwaiger (AUT) 
  3. Florian Wieser (AUT)

From the left: Petr Horak (2nd, CZE), Luka Jeromel (Winner, SLO) Luca Schranz (3rd, AUT)From the left: Raphael Schweiger (2nd), Martin Hauck (Winner), Flo Wieser (3rd)