8th Gastunian Jam Session

At the Jam Session 2008 the Gap for the first time was build fully out of snow. Headshaper Flo Wieser has built a massive Gap that absolutely challenged the riders. Unfortunately the video tapes of the contest got lost that year, but thanks to the Photographers Kurt Prinz and Moritz Wustinger we still have awesome still shots to keep our memories for the Jam 2009 alive ...



Chris Schaidreiter, Winner SnowboardPatrick Hollaus winning the Skiing CompetitionPhotosPhotosShartizzel on the sledPhotosPhotosThe Fetzfliager bringing the prizesGlorious Veit on the MicrophonePhotosPhotosPhotosPhotosPatrick Hollaus over the GapFlo Wieser (2nd place, Skiers) on the rail



  1. Chris Schaidreiter
  2. Mani Lindmoser
  3. Max Weickl


  1. Patrick Hollaus
  2. Flo Wigga Wieser
  3. Toni Höllwart