The 10th Gastunian Jam Session

The tenth Imperium Gastunum Jam Session is history! 51 international Riders competed at the contest and did a great job entertaining the crowd. As every year, a big party happened at the Buchebenwiese with the people enjoying freestyle culture without a hidden marketing agenda. MC Henry Jackson commented the overwhelming and sometimes chaotic ongoings perfectly and we are really glad we had him here! Another highlight was the tiny but huge Domink Rangger - a twelve year old Freeskier showing impressive tricks such as a double front flip and smooth 900s over the 14m Gap. The heroes of the day were Peter and Christoph Walchhofer, winning the snowboarding and skiing competition. Peter, the snowboarder, tried many double grabs including a sick tail double grab and finally his winning run was a extra-large frontside 7 and a board-slide 270 off. One of the best tricks at the end section was shown by Luca Schranz:, a 50/50 bs Rodeo off from the cannon rail - unfortunately the end section just counted a 30% of whole course - anyhow Luca finished 4th - big up!

Looking back at our anniversary we hope you guys enjoyed our contest and we want to thank every single one of the dozens of volunteers who helped to make this contest possible.


Music by: The Dirty Secrets "5 ft of Snow" (Miami Horror RMX).
Full HD version available at


Here we go, the best shots from the IG Jam! Made by Domink Steiner and Rupert Brandstätter.

Tomas Tuzar (3rd)Kevin Scherübl (2nd)Arthur Pauli is used to massive airtimeDomink Rangger, 12 years young!Christoph Walchhofer (Winner)PhotosThe RidersMarkus AndroschThe incredible crowdFlo Wieser got cashPhotosPhotosFlying WiggaArthur PauliLuca Tribondeau, best Rookie SkiersPeter Walchhofer (Winner)Kevin Scherübl with a nice 7Markus Androsch with switch 5Best shot of the day, if you ask me (Rider: Martin Hauck, 4th place)Dominik Rangger (12y) showing a double front flip!Tomas Tuzar getting 3rd with a sweet cab 7Christoph WalchhoferLuca Schranz (4rd) with his signature move, love it!Peter Walchhofer wins the final with a super sick 720 double grabArthur Pauli showed really sick tricks but unfortunately didn't show nice telemarks..Stefan Pitter going invertedPeter Walchhofer with a sweet double tail grab!



  1. Peter Walchhofer (AUT)
  2. Kevin Scherübl (AUT)
  3. Tomas Tuzar (CZ)


  1. Christoph Walchhofer (AUT)
  2. Flo Wieser(AUT)
  3. Rene Schwabl (AUT)
From the left: Luca Schranz (4th), Tomas Tuzar (3rd), Peter Walchhofer (Winner), Kevin Scherübl (2nd)From the left: Martin Hauck (4th), Flo Wieser (2nd), Christoph Walchhofer (Winner), Rene Schwabl (3rd )
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